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We are pioneers in the field of true private diving at DiveTalia in Bodrum. We are the first dive center that offers private scuba diving instructors, private scuba guides, private dive plannig and consulting services in Bodrum. Our clients are super yacht owners, guests, yacht chartering companies, as well as luxury scuba diving enthusiasts.

Our objective at DiveTalia is to provide safe, seamless, luxury scuba diving services from new divers, beginners to experienced divers with the same ultimate care, in an atmosphere of trust focusing on safety, service and environmental awareness. We accomplish this through highly specialized dive professionals and DiveTalia’s Brand Promise Standards.

We provide private diving services whenever and where ever, at your private yachts, at your hotel or villa, at a dive destination of your choosing in Bodrum. You can Dive anywhere in Bodrum with a private, one to one guide who knows the dive sites very well. Our instrucstors can teach and qualify you in any area of scuba diving.Nitrox,Sidemount ,Tech and Rebreather  dives are  also provided for keen scuba divers.

We offer ultimate diving adventure in most popular dive sites as well as hidden underwater gems, unusual destinations few divers know about in Bodrum. Our service is tailored according to your requirements and skills. All of our instructors are fluent in English and over 3000 dives with multiple specialities who are experienced in handling high profile clients. All guests’ diving equipment maintained, cleaned, assembled and disassembled by our staff for your convenience.

If you want to experience the privilage of rendez-vous diving with DiveTalia in Bodrum, just contact with us for your customized diving service.


Our tailored dive services include but not limited to:

  • Planning, organizing and guiding your dive according to your personal preferences. You may dive whenever and whereever you want  in Bodrum.
  • Providing private one to one PADI or CMAS courses including specialty courses according to your personal schedule and preferences.
  • Procuring out of ordinary dive adventures by experiencing the underwater gadgets like Diver Propulsion Vehicles(Underwater Scooters), Rebreathers, Sidemounts and Technical Equipments.
  • Serving you in your private yacht,
  • Serving you in your resort,
  • Serving you in charter yacht,
  • Serving you with our boat wherever you want to dive,
  • Providing high quality scuba equipments from most appreciated dive gear brands in all over the world. Your dive equipment will be customized according to your requirements and preferences,
  • For your own dive equipments we provide maintenance,assembling,disassembling and cleaning services,
  • Specialized dive training for your yacht crew,
  • Transfer services from your location to anyplace you could like to dive,
  • Private yacht hiring for dive cruises in Bodrum or daily diving trips around Bodrum.


DiveTalia brand promise standards function as the quality control mechanism for all of our private diving services. DiveTalia brand promise standards are interconnected and interdependent, so they cannot stand alone. All of our instructors adhere to a set of Guidelines And Procedures (Quality management system) for each brand promise.

Service, Quality, Reliability, Value and Safety are the five core principles on which our brand promises are founded.

Service: We provide the highest level of service in the industry to guarantee that we exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer a set of organisational standards that are based on a variety of factors, including years of professional development from our team, customer feedback, and ongoing evolution to meet and exceed current guest expectations.

 Quality: First and foremost, the greatest quality must characterize all aspect of our business, including our employees, partnerships, and client service. Due to our extensive planning, expertise, and thorough research, we are able to guarantee quality to our clients.

Reliability: After confirming that a certain aspect of our service is of the utmost quality, we subsequently pay close attention to how consistently it is provided. We are able to guarantee a high level of quality to our clients because of our diligent planning, professional expertise, and extensive study.

Value: There is no “one size fits all” package that we provide. We begin by understanding our clients’ wants and needs. With this strategy, clients are assured of obtaining a “proposal” that is unique, tailored to their goals, exceeds guests’ expectations, and provides them with once-in-a-lifetime private diving experience.

Safety: The brand promise has been established with the objective of providing operating guidelines that will consistently assure the safety of divers at all levels. We enable safety standards by keeping on board defibrillators, oxygen provider system, air quality and purity testing kits, first aid equipments. All of our instructors are trained according to the most recent first aid industry standards.


Scuba diving, unlike many activities, is entirely dependent on equipment and because the equipment used in scuba diving is a life support system, adequate maintenance by competent and certified specialists is critical. All equipment utilized by Divetalia during your private dive trips is subject to regular, logged inspections.

We are supplying high-quality scuba equipment from the world’s most respected dive gear brands. Even your rental dive equipment from Divetalia will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Each Divetalia rental equipment is highly disinfected,clean and brand new. If you prefer to use your own equipment we offer services for maintenance,assembling,disassembling and cleaning.

Divetalia offers the following dive gear brands:

  • Masks: TUSA or OMS
  • BCD: APEX or OMS
  • Regulators: APEX or OMS
  • Dive Suits: Xcel or Beuchat
  • Fins: APEX or OMS
  • Dive Boots: Xcel or Beuchat
  • Dive Computers: Shearwater or Garmin
  • Diver Propulsion Machine(Underwater Scooters): SUEX
  • Rebreathers: SF2(Scubaforce)
  • Tanks: Either 12 litres or 15 litres with steel or aluminium options
  • Boat: 300 HP Highfield; 7.60 speed boat


DiveTalia team is consist of highly qualified PADI and CMAS scuba diving instructors – female and  male – who prioritize safety over service. With an average of 3000+ dives and some having 8000+ dives under their belt; our instructors have extensive experience and professionalism. All of our team have great knowledge in Bodrum Dive sites. All of our instructors are fluent in English, well-spoken, well-presented and have experience dealing with high-profile clients. They always place a strong emphasis on client service and safety.

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